Thunder Road

Jimmy C that's me!

Jim Cummings is a film-maker who I happened to find some years ago on Twitter when he commented on the fantastic opportunities of the short film thanks to the web. Since then, Jim has really taken advantage of the web and is now in the process of launching his first own feature film. In parallel, thanks to his short film Thunder Road, who won the short film award in Sundance 2016, he also started his own acting career. See Thunder Road below, to understand. In The Handmaid's tail, he has a role, and soon he will also be playing the astronaut in an upcoming TV series, which he also writes(!). It might sound like a busy career, so I put 5 questions to Jim. 

1. Who are you?  I'm a filmmaker from New Orleans Louisiana. I made a short film called thunder road in 2016.

2. How did you start your career? (How did you "get that foot in the business"?) It was very gradual I spent about eight years working on other peoples' projects as a producer and climbed the ladder to become a line producer of branded content at a comedy company before ending my six year hiatus from directing by making the Thunder road short film.

Since this short film, Jim has made a series of one-shot shorts. Check out the entertaining "The Robbery" below.

3. How come you keep doing these one-shot-films? I like one takes, they're very difficult to do well. They're challenging, and you can hide a bad filmmaking and poor acting with conventional editing.

4. From where do you get your inspiration? Alphonso Cuaron, Alfred Hitchcock, Joe Dante, my buddy Dustin Hahn

5. What will come next from you? (That we will be able to see in Sweden)  We're in development with FX four hour TV show about space right now and we're shooting the Thunder Road feature film in November.

One extra: If you got to chose one single clip from the net (not made by you)...

In addition, Jim Cummings has currently a kick-starter campaign going for the shooting of his coming feature version of Thunder Road. Check it out.

En lysande liten kortfilm! Thunder-road!

Thunder Road - hur gör man en lysande liten film om man inte har så mycket pengar? Tja man kan göra som Jim Cunnings som struntade i att klippa och tog hand om huvudrollen själv. Bland annat vann den kortfilmspriset i Sundance, och hoppas nu i dagarna på att få bli bland de 10 sista som gör upp en nominering till Oscars. Under filmen finns en behind the scenes-länk samt kontaktuppgifter till Jim himself om ni vill fråga honom något personligen. 

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