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Tiny Lumberjack is an internationally award winning production company who produces live action films, (short, full length and series), podcasts, events, like Måndagsklubben and script- and directing courses at the venue in Lund. The company was founded 2014 by Director/Screenwriter/Journalist and Student Academy Award Nominee Thérèse Ahlbeck (“Janna & Liv”, 2010) and Director/Producer and Academy Award Nominee Marcus A Olsson, (“Major & Minor Miracles”, 2000).

Tiny Lumberjack’s productions, whether it is film, sound or the written word, always begins with a profound love of storytelling. Add a deep fascination of the human nature, creative strength and grit and there you have Tiny Lumberjack.

We are also passionate about learning new things and sharing that knowledge through our events at our venue at the corner of Karl XI-gatan/Fredsgatan in Lund.

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Thérèse Ahlbeck, born in Kristianstad, south of Sweden, is a Swedish film director, screenwriter and journalist. Her interest in filmmaking and storytelling began early. Soon after high school she earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Film at the University of Lund, followed by journalism studies at Skurup Folkhögskola. She has studied screenwriting at IHTV in Gothenburg and in december 2008 she graduated from the national Film Directing Education at Dramatiska Institutet (STDH). Her graduation film "Janna & Liv", starring Sofia Ledarp and Lo Kauppi, was nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a Student Academy Award in 2010. In addition to this "Janna & Liv" has won several international prizes.

She has since then written and directed several award winning shorts, she has worked as anchor/reporter/producer at Sveriges Radio, UR Television and SVT. She teaches Film Directing at Skurup Folkhögskola and screenwriting at Tiny Lumberjack as well as taking on assignments as compere, moderator, and dramaturgist.

Member of the Writers Guild of Sweden and a board member of Swedish Filmdirectors.

2009 she received a cultural scholarship from the Municipality of Kristianstad. 2014 she was selected a participant for the film program Pure Fiction (by Film i Skåne) and 2016 she received the Cultural Prize from the Municipality of Kristianstad, with the motivation (shortened):

Thérèse Ahlbeck tells stories that affect the audience and is inspired by her childhood nature surroundings – the amazing landscape around Kristianstad, that has shaped people living there, both historically as well as in modern time.

With great talent, skills and profound sharp-sightedness she portrays stories and characters with intelligence and humor and is, through her work, an outstanding ambassador for Kristianstad.




Marcus A. Olsson, born in Bjärred, south of Sweden, was one of the members of the celebrated comedy group Varanteatern, who later became Varan-TV. Only 24 years old he applied and got accepted to the education in Film Direction at the National Filmschool, Dramatiska Institutet. His graduation film “Major and Minor Miracles” was nominated to an Academy Award in the category best short live action, 2000.

He has directed (conceptual) several successful tv-series, such as “Mäklarna” (The Brokers), “Orka! Orka!”, “Morden i Sandhamn”(The Sandhamn Murders), “Fjällbackamorden” (The Fjällbacka Murders), and the award winning mini-series “Gustav IIIs Äktenskap” (The Marriage of Gustav III) et al.

With an origin in the comedic tradition, he achieves to combine humor with a human touch in all his productions, a quality that has generated several prestigious awards over the years.

Tiny Lumberjack is a profoundly visionary film production company with a strong artistic imprint with the rare ability to make both team and actors grow. Moreover, they are fantastic storytellers!
— Loa & Rosy Falkman
Tiny Lumberjack is a brand of comedy, distinguised by a filanthropic take on the world and the characters. Their creative approach also fearlessly disrupts the business models normally associated with quality film production.
— Jonas Klevhag, Business Advisor at Innovation Skåne
I thought it was one of the best films that we screened that year!
— Jim Nicola, owner of Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles, which screens Academy Award winners each year. About "Lost in Stångby".
Continue to shoot wonder like that. I loved it!
— Olivier Gechter, jury member at CinéRail Festival, Paris. About "Lost in Stångby"

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